Marrakech Quad Biking

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Quad Ride in Marrakech

With Quad Ride in Marrakech, you will discover the delights of the palm grove and surrounding villages on a quad in Marrakech. Ecolodge Adventures offers you a 2.5-hour ride through a unique and magnificent countryside, giving you the opportunity to discover the distinct beauty of the region. The palm grove is located in a very beautiful place where you can experience quad biking in Marrakech in a desert atmosphere.



  • Quad biking on Sahara terrain
  • Berber-style tea break breakfast
  • Tour Information
  • Departure Point – Pickup Zone
  • Your Hotel Reception in Marrakech
  • Or Marrakech riads or nearby riads

You will enjoy the Marrakech quad desert and culture and discover the lifestyle of the local population as you are welcomed into villages where traditions are carefully preserved. During this adventure, you will share a tea break in a magnificent setting. The Marrakech Quad Biking price is the best offer for an unforgettable experience.


What’s included in the price

  • Free pick-up from Marrakech hotel
  • Free drop-off at Marrakech hotel
  • Air-conditioned transport
  • An hour and a half Quad Machine ride
  • Mint tea
  • Snacks
  • All taxes and fees included

Your quad excursion in Marrakech will start with a pick-up from the hotel or meeting your driver near your riad at a nearby meeting point, drive south of Marrakech on quad rental until you reach the Berber town, to meet your guide. After a brief presentation on quad touring methods in rugged terrain in Marrakech, a reasonable exhortation session, and the provision of goggles and helmets, you will prepare to mount your quad in Marrakech and start your experience.



You must be at least 13 years old. To be able to drive a quad, children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult or one of our counselors to assist them while driving the quad.

Do you have any questions? Contact us via Whatsapp click here

Quad in Marrakech

You will start by crossing the palm groves and agricultural lands of Marrakech, passing through palm trees and fig forests. You may even have the opportunity to encounter nomads as you pass through the radiant dunes.


Cost in Moroccan currency

500 MAD / Quad (50€)

(Possibility of 2 persons on One Quad, 2 Persons on 1 Quad = 650 MAD)

Hotel Pick-up Morning:

  • 9:00 AM
  • Afternoon: 2:00 PM

(This activity is available every day)

Return Morning:

  • 1:00 PM
  • Afternoon: 5:30 PM

On the way back to your starting point, you will pause for a Berber-style artisanal breakfast, where you will enjoy mint tea, as well as nectar with indigenous bread. When you need to recharge, we will continue to indicate the take-off to meet your driver, who will take you back to your hotel.


Activity Duration

  • 3 hours of activity

This half-day outing will guarantee you the most enjoyable experience imaginable on Marrakech Palmeraie Quad Biking Surrey Tour in Marrakech and quad Bike in Marrakech are composed at a similar location, and the possibility of having a Morocco Marrakech quad Biking and a carriage for a similar gathering is available.


Children aged 14 and over can drive a quad Marrakech without a driver’s license, and children under 14 can share the quad with an adult for an additional 100 dirhams. If you are a group and have children and want to ride slowly, this will never be a problem, Marrakech quad experience will do it for you

Got questions about our tours? Shoot us a message here on WhatsApp! We’re here to help make your adventure unforgettable.

tourists reviews

43 reviews for Marrakech Quad Biking

  1. f5be8f47d3928f03749870c212b09194?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    This was a fabulous day to spend an afternoon in Marrakech!! Would definitely recommend :) My bag fell off my quad during the ride and the lovely instructor looked after it for me for the whole time! They were all so friendly and fun :) the whole trip from pick up to drop off was very well organised … thank you!

  2. 78daef6543147af9341e3ec0da89df1d?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Excellent guide, and good fun on the quads. They don’t seem particularly well maintained – mine cut out a few times and had bald tyres. Nice surroundings, and a few drink / smoke stops – but beware they’ll give you a bottle of water, let you open it and then charge you for it.

  3. 692198a299238f627786a9b33ee2ddc3?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Great experience only thing that let it down for me was that my helmet was too big so I had to keep adjusting it and my hair net kept fell over my eyes at one point I couldn’t see anything I pulled in at one of the check points and the guy sorted me and took me back to the group was really helpful but other than that it was great

  4. 0a52af2792f824a95bdd5b4c47676466?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    The quad bike experience was fantastic from start to finish, the guys where really helpful and enjoyed it along with the group, the tea and pancakes after was really nice good all round.

  5. 6b71474dabdb46a353c8612065ff2d1b?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    In the morning the weather was a bit cold, but later on the weather was ok. Just incase bring some jacket with you and some water to drink on the road. All and all, everything was good. I really enjoyed riding the quad, also it was my first time. The instructors and the bus driver were very friendly and patience. After riding the quad, we had a little lunch from the company. It was really sweet of them, because we could rest for a bit, before heading back to the hotel.

  6. 9b69a530d3c3d244b808c976d7f5e3fa?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Amazing tour in the desert, tea and biscuits with the locals, outstanding views, really friendly service and includes pickup and drop off front your location. Best experience I’ve had so far

  7. 8ecb9dfe7fe4fe296fb92ec825356033?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    It was just beautiful, the mountains were magical, and the palm grove too. Break time to take beautiful photos and at the end of the trip a small Moroccan tea with msemen

  8. a0fe5cdc2d08be9cc6038a38856af88c?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Nice walk, beautiful landscapes. The first part a little boring, simple walk for beginners. The second part was a little more interesting because it was in terrain that was fitted out for quads and therefore less linear. The security equipment leaves something to be desired. Too large or so does not attach it should not be looking.

  9. 1d136a16c32a62473d46d4867e5e7fe7?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Great experience, picked us up from our hotel and brought us to the site where we were given traditional Moroccan food and tea, followed by spending a couple of hours on the quads in the desert. Guides were very friendly, overall a really good experience.

  10. 2553c15286ae7520446e9de08fcea00a?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Just awesome! Thank you to the guide (the top!) And to the driver (Very pleasant driving). 2 hours of quad biking through the palm grove and tasting it with the locals it was toooooop !!!!

  11. 9011d983e08b6951522ab22f08f807ab?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    We loved this trip. You had a good amount of time on the bikes and got to see a lot of the country side. The hospitality was excellent and it was great to share a mint tea and traditional bread served by a local lady. Would highly recommend this trip

  12. ebd91cfa5e4ce7a7cebd39c81c4601cc?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Had fun, pick up on time, and drop off. Whole experience was good, local people really accommodating.

  13. d1e439139126429d238308842c58f0cb?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    We really enjoyed the experience. Our driver was on time collecting us from our hotel. Our instructor and guide Amine really was very helpful and looked after us very well. Definitely will recommend this activity.

  14. 4390d9f6df03020a5c002dcf1002281b?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Everyone was super nice to us. They gave us their tea and a kind of pancake to try after quads. They also offered to take pictures of us! Really nice and recommendable

  15. 8b9e1d5326ea1d87c26e5e0bcce23f15?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Superb outing. Pretty photos could be taken. Exactly as on the description

  16. ae4aa53beda805502b4c7e83b4ae49da?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Nice experience in the marracash desert with tea break. For those interested, dress in clear to hide sand on clothes and bring water and wet wipes. Happy Marracash to everyone.

  17. 9398e4960cdde70b4eb37b7a7b2eae8a?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    it was lovely and very fun!

  18. dccc4d5017bb4022f8d9b7230bedd184?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Very well organized and all very friendly. Surprisingly, you have been on the quad for a very long time. Price / performance great!

  19. a360bd9ac8ad8f9b1f496cf3751d6383?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Even though I fell pretty badly- it was an excellent experience, the girls loved it! Amazing area, sun was high in the sky, loved it!

  20. e346ced4d40a1f0814b3ca099e790a19?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Very scenic views and visiting the traditional house was a lovely touch

  21. ceb2cd1020ac5d9775401188a84ac178?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Great experience – plenty of time on the bikes and fun route with several stops for photos!

  22. 07b9df0b275fa43573c73c50e742a71e?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Super afternoon in the palm grove Very exotic landscape Sensation on the top quad bike

  23. 134e5c2321bfe609eb33bae50b6dfd51?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    It was a very nice experience with a very good instructor that was patient with others and helpful. Definitely I recommend them.

  24. fd7b458bd33de74baaf9b78af27769ae?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    A wonderful small group getaway with Foued, a smiling, engaging and above all very professional person !! Appreciated and appreciable kindness. A magical moment in the middle of the desert and a magnificent palm grove !! It was really great.

  25. 7a9db6b72c30c990a77e6df4beddf4d0?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    brilliant experience! Rashid is so friendly and attentive… catered for the less experienced and the more daring… Great fun for all!

  26. 4803821733fc13533290b65c96a0d11e?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Great time have a lot of fun out here with these lot would totally recommend big thanks to rachid top guy really nice to talk to and a great lad

  27. 3686754d156cacf9aafa704a93a30836?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    Mike Plusi

    Not many palm trees, rather deserted

  28. 596834867dfb3b26646e6990e5c87ff0?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Really great instructor, got going really quick and the route was gorgeous! Plenty of opportunity to take pictures too, our instructor took pictures of us for us :)

  29. 31f244c9769e2ac140a01b55a035ccd7?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    It has been an incredible adventure, super nice guides. You make several stops to take pictures. At the end you can enjoy tea and sweet typical with the people of the town.

  30. 5b8a8e799d11e6fd13b12610e0691864?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Definitely in experience to do if you travel to Morocco. Very punctual driver and friendly staff. At the end of the tour a good snack with Moroccan mint tea and msemen with honey.

  31. 1e3504de2221a885ce11baba5e5dac78?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Fantastic experience! The quad boys were very good at choosing fun routes for everyone, stop in a villa in the desert to drink tea, guaranteed fun !!! ps. Transfer 40 minutes late, due to traffic.

  32. 54dde8d0ff3395c48f25678cf8b9ca9f?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Amazing! Would do it again and again, great driver, great guides and so much fun!!!

  33. 80174512c9003b03806cafeda6aceb0d?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Great experience, they even split us into the more confident and less confident riders so those who wanted to go faster could go

  34. 3647df5b6957d35dacc3cac34cddde89?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    amazing trip in marrakech quad bike

  35. 3f7483c80286fd88750b62ef542bbe81?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Really enjoyable experience riding through the Moroccan desert. The driver who picked us up (Omar) was very friendly and welcoming and spoke very good English, which is quite rare to find. Highly recommended if you’ve never tried quad biking before.

  36. d1def3d55c12bd63da4021e97e02939c?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Quad biking was great!! Came home covered in dust, but that was to be expected and it was all part of the fun.. I had an orange moustache when I took the helmet off

  37. 9517348a3c64722beb2d37fbc55f0215?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Super fast quad ride. Pick up on time. Great fun

  38. 91dad6d397afdeb64cd084f1258997ec?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    We were picked up on time and on arrival we received some explanation about the quad, just drive around to practice and off we went. My boyfriend and I had a private tour (not expected) so that was totally fun! The tea break was lovely too.

  39. 1526f6d4b411ab33d5f5d4f5f795f680?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    It was really fantastic. The driver came to our hotel to pick us up, we were the only passengers and then after a little practice on the quad we went out. The tour guide was kind and helpful and did Many awesome Pictures as well. We also had a mint tea and snack break.

  40. 91dad6d397afdeb64cd084f1258997ec?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    This experience was the best day we had on our holiday, the tour guides are absolutely amazing hilarious and fun, no judgement on clothing if you chose to wear skimpy things like bikini tops etc like there usually is in this city! Super organised, and arrived back on time, 100% recommend!

  41. 19c63879e1029297547bd3abfcdaf7de?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    quad biking in Marrakech was excellent , highly recommended

  42. 7e69743592375bd6b0846d18c14a2ab8?s=60&d=mm&r=g


    Recommended 100/100

  43. 40a050b1a1339da7f5c1eaa3b3ebe666?s=60&d=mm&r=g

    MARK (verified owner)

    one of the best quad biking in the world , highly recommended

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