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Horse Riding in Marrakech
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Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech

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Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech

Your Journey of Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech will start with an early pick up by our transportation for a 30-minute trip to our headquarters eastern side of Marrakech. While watching the balloon become inflated, you may have a continental breakfast. We’ll float for about an hour next to the high Atlas Mountains, following a smooth take-off. During descending, you will receive your flying certification and be served a freshly prepared Berber coffee in the camp before being carried back to your Marrakech lodging.

For hot air ballooning in Marrakech enthusiasts, aside from the basic legal principles used by hot balloon companies, there are a few things you should know before arranging a ride. You’ve always dreamed of it: taking a hot air balloon flight in Morocco! Take to the skies and live an incredible experience… yes, but at what cost and under what conditions? hot air balloon Marrakech offers you to experience the flight in a hot air balloon in Marrakech, in the best conditions at an exceptional price of 190 Euro/person (special launch offer).

hot air ballooning in Marrakech information

  1. You should go to bed early.
  2. Bring your belongings with you a day before the flight.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes.
  4. Bring an escort if you’re going on a private trip because it’s more fun than being alone.
  5. When going up in a balloon, look forward and not look down.
  6. Trust the pilot, he has experience in this job and knows what to do so completely avoid inconvenience or pressure on him and focus on enjoying the flight.
  7. Bring sunglasses with you, because you will be standing for a long time, exposing yourself to sunlight, so it is preferable to wear them to protect your eyes and the rays do not hinder your enjoyment of watching the landscape.
  8. Bring the camera because you have a lot of great pictures to take, so bring an extra movie with you so that you don’t get frustrated if the camera movie ends and you want to take more beautiful pictures.

hot air ballooning in Marrakech

Admire a magnificent sunrise over the Atlas mountains and the Jbilets mountains of Marrakech, fly over the small isolated villages, the oases, and the deserted ones, this is whatEcolodge Adventures offers you. Take advantage of hot air ballooning in Marrakech exceptional launch offer from 1900dhs per flight! Marrakech’s traditional flying balloon

  • Included are the following
  1. Transfers to and through your Marrakech lodging
  2. Breakfast with the Berbers in the tent
  3. 1-hour air balloon trip

Just as during the inflation of the balloon you will have a chance at the end of the flight to help empty the balloon or not participate, usually when the balloon is fully packed, this is the time to start the celebration ceremony by eating some snacks or taking some pictures with the pilot or crew and then return straight To your car and don’t forget to tip.

  • When is it going to be available?
  1. Available Daily
Reserving the balloon flight and paying the deposit does not mean that it will happen, because the safety factor is always the first thing that worries the responsible company, which cannot start the flight unless the conditions are appropriate. If the safety conditions are uncertain, the company will hold an agreed meeting and the pilot will determine if He would make the trip or not at sunrise. This means that you may get up very early and drive across town and wait another hour to discover that the balloon flight has been postponed, and it does.
  • What Is Involved in the Cost?
  1. Hotel pick-up and drop off in Marrakech
    Air-Conditioned Transportation
    All taxes and fees are included in the price.

Know before you go 

1- Balloon flights that take place during sunrise are more popular than those that take place after sunset.
2- Water bottles are available from the Rainbow Ryders balloon.
3- When riding the balloon, the passenger should not carry any large items with him, such as a backpack and large wallets.
4- You must wear closed-toed shoes, as you may land the balloon in the dirt, muddy places, or over rocky ground.
5- You may have other people with you inside the balloon, and before that, you must arrange with them unless you want to ride it alone.
6- You must stand for the duration of the balloon trip, which takes about an hour.
7- Bring a camera, and use a strap or wristband.
8- The balloon often does not land in the same place from which it takes off, and a vehicle will catch up with the balloon to help the passengers get out of it, as well as empty the air from it and carry it, and return you to your car again.
9- Most of the balloon companies hold some kind of celebration at the end of the flight; Where food, drinks, certificates, and more are provided.
10- The balloon staff appreciates all the tips that the passengers give when they enjoy the flight; When they do a good job, they accept a 10% tip for each passenger.

hot air balloons Marrakech

Even though young children can see over the edge of the balloon basket, they get bored after the first few minutes, and although they can stand and do nothing it may be difficult for them, so if you are not sure that the child can handle the flight properly It is better not to take them with you. It is not recommended for women to wear a dress or pocket because it causes a lot of embarrassment when jumping out of the balloon basket.


The balloon of the balloon flies at a height of a few thousand feet at most, and the weather is usually not colder than the air on the ground, so you must wear layers of clothes for sunrise flights because the weather will be moderately cold or cold in the morning, it depends on what time of day The year the trip takes place and wherever you take it, it will be warm after an hour or two of the trip. You will not find bathrooms where you go with the balloon, because it rises from the open fields and descends after the end of the trip in similar places, and thus you spend several hours without entering the rest house, which is the bathroom, so do not increase the cups of coffee in the morning and use the bathroom everywhere you park your car before the flight.

  • Meeting point
  1. Time of Departure: 6:00 a.m.
  2. Meeting Point Cafe France, Riad Laarous, Jamaa Lafna main plaza… Duration 4 Hours
    (English-French-Spanish) Driver
Although balloon flights are called either sunrise or sunset flights, you may not witness sunrise or sunset even during your height in the balloon, and you will have arrived on the ground, so it is not possible to fly during the dark weather. Most air balloon companies give you the choice between inflating it yourself or letting the crew do it, and you have to choose the safest one for you.
  • The excursion is available in
  1. English\French​​​​​​\Arabic
Because there is no immediate threat after the sunrise flight ends, the pilot has some time to enjoy more. As for sunset flights and when sunset approaches, the pilot does not have an abundance of time and must land with the balloon. Expect to spend approximately 3 to 4 hours in the check-in, inflation, flight, landing, getting ready, partying after the flight is over, and getting back to your car is not included in driving your car.
  • Time to be picked up from your hotel ​​
  1. Morning 06:00 a.m.
  2. Do you have any questions? contact us via Whatsapp click here 
When the balloon flight is about to end, and the pilot begins a gradual descent towards the landing area, he must have given you a summary of the available options, which depend on the strength of the wind and other factors, because landing the balloon may be easy, with some jumps, difficult or even may overturn. There may be thrust factors or uneven ground in the landing area, just follow the pilot’s instructions until you are fine.

3 reviews for Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech

  1. Paula

    This is one of the best activities I have ever booked in my whole life.

  2. Anitta

    real adventure, very warm welcoming, the hosts were amazing and easy-going.

  3. Antonio

    Hot Air Balloon Marrakech is an independent hot air balloon company licensed by the Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority that was founded to provid-in-a-with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. our tour was amazing. Highly recommended

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