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Agadir Hiking Tours

Agadir Hiking Tours (Randoni) generally has many health benefits, both physically and psychologically. But in the mountainous areas, it takes on another character due to the diversity of terrain, the beauty of the picturesque landscapes, and the cultural diversity of our mountain ranges. The specialists in this field recommend the amateurs of mountainous areas, to take advantage of their residence there and to practice walking through its paths distinguished by its high altitude and slopes, in order to benefit from its health and psychological advantages. In this regard, many scientific types of research emphasized the importance of residing in mountainous areas and practicing sports activities there.

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  1. Discover the Berber culture 
  2. Discover the rural atmosphere of Paradise Valley
  3. Hiking through the palm trees and rocky pools
  4. Enjoy the real Moroccan meals 
  5. Meet the locals of Atlas mountains

A recent Swiss study found that residents of mountainous regions or their permanent visitors are less exposed to circulatory disorders and heart diseases compared to their counterparts from the inhabitants and visitors of the plains and valleys. The study was issued by the Institute of Preventive Medicine at the University of “Zurich”.

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Which relied on following up the health data of about 1.6 million people residing in eastern, northern, and central Switzerland, aged between forty and 84 years and who lived in areas varying in altitude between 259 and 1960 meters above sea level, says that “the odds of The incidence of circulatory and heart diseases decreases by 22% for every thousand meters above sea level, with a maximum of about 2,800 meters, and the risk of stroke decreased by 12% at the same distance.

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The study also indicates that the low health risks in mountainous areas are mainly due to the body’s adaptation to the climatic conditions in mountainous areas. The air in mountainous areas is drier and less dense than in the plains areas, which positively reflects on organ functions and metabolism in the body, as well as the strength of sunlight and its benefits, especially in the generation of vitamin D. The same scientific study adds that food produced in mountainous areas has a higher value than that produced in slopes and valleys, as is the case in dairy products, due to the difference in the quality of livestock feed in the mountains from its counterparts in the valleys.

Hiking in Agadir

With regard to cardiovascular health, the study concluded that there are factors that help protect and reduce the risk of circulatory disorders and heart diseases, especially since the follow-up of the data on which the research was based confirms that the impact of residence in mountainous areas on human health is not short-acting, but rather leaves its fingerprints for periods of time. long.

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The positive impact of mountain weather affects fetuses and pregnant women, and thus, those born in mountainous areas acquire cardiovascular health benefits that will continue with them throughout their lives. To research the effect of weather on the growth and formation of the fetus. The hiking in Agadir is the second-best activity after the camel ride in Agadir.

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  1. hotels in Agadir​
  2. ​hotels in Taghazout
  3. Agadir Cruise Port

For its part, previous studies confirmed the large size of the heart and the safety of blood vessels for the inhabitants of mountainous areas to be able to pump blood more strongly, adapting to the prevailing weather there. She added that the weather in mountainous areas does not only reflect positively on the body and organ functions, but also on human morale and psychological state, and thus on public health.

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  3. Arabic

Researchers in this field indicates that a small number of studies have focused on the relationship between the height of human residence above sea level and heart and circulatory diseases. A recent study on the same subject was conducted on hikers and climbers in the Alps, that walking downhill has other additional benefits that the body cannot reach by walking uphill in mountainous areas.

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  1. ​Morning at 9:00

If walking uphill is tiring and difficult, the opportunity to take advantage of walking downhill is still available, which is the easiest. The study showed that walking uphill helped to get rid of fat quickly, and found that going down from the top significantly lowered blood sugar, while walking, up or down, lowered cholesterol. This study was conducted by Dr. Heinz Drexel, a doctor working at the Austrian “Feldrich” Hospital, and its importance and newness comes from the fact that the participants in it are amateur hiking in the mountains and ski areas.

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The Austrian doctor revealed the results of his study during a medical conference organized by the Association of Cardiologists in New Orleans recently. Dr. Gerald Fletcher, a cardiologist at Mayo Hospital in Jacksonville, says that this study can be applied to daily life. Diabetics who work in offices located in high buildings, for example, can take the elevator up and down the stairs.

  • Tour Duration
  1. Approx. 8 Hours

Walking in mountainous areas requires the availability of a set of necessary supplies to avoid a range of risks, the most important of which are: – Uniforms and clothing for this sporting activity. It is necessary to acquire a special shoe of good quality to protect the foot, adaptable to the diversity of the nature of the land (rocks, plants, snow…).

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  1. Available Thursdays & Sundays

It should be comfortable, not tight, lightweight, and impermeable to water. During the summer, you should not forget the hat, good sunglasses, and a scarf, and take extra clothes in anticipation of weather fluctuations and cold at the tops.

Choose a backpack (Sak Addo) that is comfortable and contains some basic supplies: a lamp and a box of matches, a small medical bag containing some essential medicines for headaches and diarrhea, and an anti-sun ointment. A map, a compass, protective paper, and a knife. And the camera should not be forgotten to document the walking trip. Take a light lunch, some fresh and dry fruits, and a bottle of water, and avoid going from difficult paths with unclear landmarks.

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