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Agadir City Tour



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Agadir City Tour

Take Agadir City Tour at the last minute to find the unmissable territories of the city of Agadir on 3 hours guiding Agadir Sightseeing Tour, where you will take stunning perspectives a the highest point of the Kasbah, and afterward attempt your haggling abilities at a Souk El Hed (local people advertise), all as you find out about the historical backdrop of this city. Toward the beginning of the Best 10 Agadir City Tour ever, we will drive along the Agadir sea shoreline promenade before landing at the contemporary AgadirMarina seashore, which is fixed with boutiques, eateries. At that point drive nearby the world’s greatest Sardine harbor.

  • Highlights
  1. Marina Of Agadir
  2. Agadir Kasbah (Old Fortress)
  3. Free time in the Local Market
  4. Argan Oil Factory Visit

Agadir is located on a coastal plain overlooking the western coast of the Atlantic Ocean at latitude 27 north, where it is characterized by the presence of many hills and valleys on its surroundings, and the city has a medium and semi-desert climate at the same time, and the temperature in the city ranges daily in the twenties, as well as the city is exposed The passage of the so-called (Al-Shirky), which is a wind that causes temperatures to rise in summer to reach 40 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature recorded in the city in 2012 was 51.7 degrees, and the lowest recorded temperature was -2.6 degrees.

Agadir attractions

There are many wonderful tourist attractions in Agadir, the most important of which are:

  • Agadir Beach: It is one of the most beautiful Moroccan beaches; Because it contains a lot of tourist activities that attract many tourists to it, and these activities include: horse riding, practicing water sports, and quiet sunbathing located on the Corniche, as well as sitting at cafes and restaurants located along the coast.
  • Olhao Garden: Also known as the Lovers’ Garden, it is a romantic garden to which many visitors come to enjoy the romantic atmosphere and to enjoy the scenic views.
  • Valley of the Birds: It is a garden that specializes and cares for all kinds of birds and other animals, where many visitors, young and old, come to it and provides a lot of information about the birds and animals inside.
  • Hope Square: It is one of the most important squares in the city, where various festivals are held, the most famous of which are: Agadir Festival and Timitar Festival. These festivals revive the city’s artistic and cultural heritage.
  • Agadir Oufla: It means (the fortress at the top), which is a historical fortress located north of the city on top of a mountain with a height of about 236 m above sea level. It was established in the year 1540 AD by Sultan Muhammad al-Sheikh al-Saadi, in order to control the strikes of the

Agadir Sightseeing Tour

Next, Drive up the slope to Agadir Ou-fellah (Agadir peak), the city’s sixteenth-century Saadian Kasbah (Fortress that was working in 1572 ), which offers a total all-encompassing perspective all in all city and the angling port. See the engraving “Dread God and respect the King” directly over the passage of the Kasbah and make sure to snap a vital photograph. This City Tour From Agadir is really unique.

  • What’s Included in the Price
  1. Free Hotel Pick-up from Agadir
  2. Free Hotel Drop-off from Agadir
  3. Air-Conditioned Transportation
  4. Tour guide
  5. All Taxes & Fees included

Agadir City discovery will take you to Argan Oil House will likewise be a stop on our visit, it is the place you will get data about an uncommon oil, perceive how the Berber ladies produce what is referred to in Europe as a Golden Liquid. Learn how they accumulate and dry the nuts, meal and granulate the pieces lastly separate the unadulterated oil. This is really a 100% Moroccan encounter that ought not to be missing.

  • Starting Place – Pick up Area
  1. Reception of your Hotel in Agadir
  2. Or Agadir Cruise Port (Taghazout*, Tamraght*, Paradis Plage*, Aourir…)

Our last stop before returning back to the inn will be “Souk El Had” or Sunday Market (local people advertise), which is the biggest market in the district. In the nearby market, you will have an hour of spare time to encounter the market on your own while the driver will hang tight for you directly outside of the market.

  • Return Time to the Hotel
  1. After 3 hours of the starting time.

one of the most famous dishes in Agadir is seafood; Like freshly grilled sardines, in addition to fish tagine, the snail is also one of the most famous foods in it, as Agadir is one of the largest suppliers of sardines in the world, and the city is distinguished by the presence of fish in the menus of its various restaurants, which are widely located in many places.

  • Notes 
  1. The local market is closed on Mondays, so no Market stop on Mondays.
  2. This Trip requires 2 people or more in order to take place, the single traveler will have to check for availability before making a reservation.
  3. Please get in touch with us by means of WhatsApp For More Details about it.

Seafood is an essential part of the national cuisine of the region, and a lot of this seafood is usually fried, such as squid, prawns, and fish dishes. Prestigious restaurants also snail with exclusive sauces.

  • Pick up Time From Your Hotel
  1. 10H00 OR 12H00 OR 14H00 OR 16H00
  2. (This Tour is Available Everyday)

Culture in Agadir

The nature of culture in the city of Agadir reflects many aspects, including: 

Festivals, Agadir is distinguished by a number of festivals, including:

  1. Timitar Festival: It is one of the Moroccan festivals that takes place in the month of July, and this festival contributes to promoting the meeting between world music and Amazigh art.
  2. Tolerance Ceremony: It is a music festival that aims to promote respect for differences between individuals, support tolerance and peace, and confront all factors of discrimination.
  3. Film Festival: a festival that seeks to bring together artists and members of the public from Agadir and all over Morocco; Where it forms part of the cultural development of the city.
  4. Cuisine: Agadir is distinguished by the food it offers, which is based on fishing and harvesting, and other methods.
  • The excursion is available in
  1. English French Arabic/German
  2. Do you have any questions? contact us via Whatsapp click here 

Agadir earthquake

An earthquake affected the city of Agadir in 1960 AD, which led to its destruction. That is equivalent to a third of the population of Agadir in that year, and caused injuries to about 12,000 residents, as well as destroying the homes of 35,000 people and making them live without shelter.


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