Agadir City Tour

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Agadir City Tour

Take the Agadir City Tour at the last minute to explore the unmissable landmarks of the city of Agadir on a 3-hour guided Agadir Sightseeing Tour. You will enjoy stunning perspectives at the highest point of the Kasbah, test your haggling skills at Souk El Hed (the local people’s market), all while learning about the history of this city.
Agadir City Tour Itinerary:


  • Marina Of Agadir: let’s start your adventure by exploring the lively Marina, where modernity blends with tradition. Admire luxury yachts, enjoy boutique shopping, and relish delightful cuisine at waterfront restaurants.
  • Agadir Kasbah (Old Fortress): the historic Agadir Kasbah, situated atop a hill, and take in breathtaking panoramic views of the city and bustling fishing port below. Learn about the Kasbah’s storied past and capture memorable photos.
  • Free Time in the Local Market: to explore the lively atmosphere of Souk El Had, Agadir’s largest market. Hone your bargaining skills as you explore stalls offering a variety of goods from spices to handicrafts.
  • Argan Oil Factory Visit: a visit to gain insight into Morocco’s renowned Argan oil production process at a local factory. Witness the meticulous craftsmanship of Berber women as they extract this “Golden Liquid,” valued for its health and beauty benefits.

🗺️ Itinerary

  1. Agadir Seafront Promenade Drive:

We will begin our tour by driving along the Agadir seafront promenade, offering scenic views of the coastline.

  1. Agadir Marina Visit:

Our next stop will be the contemporary Agadir Marina, where you can explore boutiques and restaurants lining the area.

  1. World’s Biggest Sardine Harbor Drive:

After the Marina, we’ll drive past the world’s biggest Sardine harbor, offering insights into Agadir’s fishing industry.

  1. Agadir Ouflla (Agadir Peak) Visit:

we’ll drive up the slope to Agadir Ouflla, home to the city’s sixteenth-century Saadian Kasbah built in 1572. From here, you’ll enjoy a total panoramic view of the city and the fishing port. Don’t forget to capture a memorable photo of the engraving “Dread God and respect the King” directly above the entrance of the Kasbah.

  1. Argan Oil House Visit:

Our tour continues to the Argan Oil House, where you’ll learn about the unique oil produced by Berber women. Witness the process of gathering, drying, grinding, and extracting the pure oil, offering a true Moroccan experience.

  1. Souk El Had (Sunday Market) Exploration:

Our final stop before returning to the hotel will be Souk El Had, also known as the Sunday Market, which is the largest market in the region. Here, you’ll have an hour of free time to explore the market on your own, while the driver waits for you directly outside.

💰 Price:

  • Starting from 36$ , our 3-hour tour offers exceptional value for a rewarding exploration of Agadir’s treasures.

📅 Availability:

  • The Agadir City Tour is available daily. Please note that a minimum of 2 participants is required for the tour to proceed.

ℹ️ What’s Included:

  • Complimentary Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off from Agadir
  • Comfortable Air-Conditioned Transportation
  • Knowledgeable Tour Guide
  • All Taxes & Fees Included

🚫 What’s Excluded:

  • Please note that personal expenses and optional activities are not included in the tour package.

🚐 Starting Place – Pick up Area:

  • Your adventure begins with complimentary pick-up from your hotel in Agadir or the Agadir Cruise Port.

🕒 Pick up Time:

  • Choose from convenient pick-up times at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, or 4:00 PM, providing flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

📝 Notes:

  • The local market is closed on Mondays, so please be aware that there will be no market stop on Mondays.


Agadir Attractions

There are many wonderful tourist attractions in Agadir, including:

Agadir Beach: One of the most beautiful Moroccan beaches, offering activities like horse riding, water sports, and relaxing sunbathing along the Corniche, as well as enjoying cafes and restaurants along the coast.

Olhao Garden: Also known as the Lovers’ Garden, it is a romantic garden where visitors come to enjoy the atmosphere and scenic views.

Hope Square: One of the most important squares in the city, hosting various festivals, including the Agadir Festival and Timitar Festival.

Agadir Ouflla: A historical fortress located north of the city on top of a mountain, offering a panoramic view of the region.


Culture of Agadir

The culture of Agadir reflects many aspects, including festivals such as:

Timitar Festival: A Moroccan festival that takes place in July, promoting the meeting between world music and Amazigh art.

Tolerance Ceremony: A music festival that aims to promote respect for differences between individuals, support tolerance and peace, and confront all factors of discrimination.

Film Festival: A festival that seeks to bring together artists and members of the public from Agadir and all over Morocco, forming part of the cultural development of the city.

Cuisine: Agadir is distinguished by its cuisine, which is based on fishing, harvesting, and other methods.


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