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Parachuting in Agadir

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Parachuting in Agadir

During a ½ journey at Agadir, spend 20 minutes Parachuting in Agadir. The pick up will be by the accommodation in Agadirand driven for 2 hours to the coast of Morocco, crossing by several towns along the route, including “Sidi Bibi”, the Massa Town, “Tiznit”, and ultimately the Aglou shore.

Parachute jumping is one of the aerial sports in which the player jumps from a helicopter or a high summit. Down to the surface of the earth using a parachute and with the help of gravity only, the player can jump alone in this sport while competing with other players.

Or two players double jump with one parachute The beginning of this sport was in 1797 AD by the French pilot André-Jacques Garnerin, who had the idea of jumping at the time using hot air balloons, to be completed by the American Leslie L.

  • Activity Overview
  1. 40 seconds skydiving over the Sea.
  2. Take advantage of a Moroccan Meal!
  3. Explore Tiznit City, Massa Town, and more…

Irvine in 1919 AD and doing the first free-fall experiment in which the player jumps at a time when his body is gradually accelerating, and the use of the parachute At the end of the jump, when the body’s acceleration reached the maximum speed, and the sport of parachute jumping spread in competitions in the thirties of the last century, to be adopted as an internationally recognized sport in 1952.

Paragliding in Morocco

There are many types of parachute jumping in Agadir, depending on the nature of the experience that a person experiences when jumping in each of them, and the following is a detailed explanation of the different types of jumping:

Standard parachute jump: It is known by another name, “fun jump”, and this type of jumping is a purely recreational experience for the person to enjoy the experience of free fall and watching the landscape while flying. From jumping to having a professional trainer at the person’s side during their first jump.

  • What’s Included 
  1. Hotel Pick up and drop off at the hotel
  2. Vehicles that are air-conditioned
  3. Moroccan Breakfast in 20 Minutes – Adventures in Parachuting
  4. There are no hidden charges.

Tandem skydiving: It is one of the most common types of parachute jumping for people who want to try parachute jumping for once in their life, where the coach is side by side with the person to make sure that all the equipment necessary for the success of the jump and make sure that he spends a fun time while flying, in addition to The person will learn with the trainer the basics of parachute jumping, how to get out, prepare the body for free fall, and the importance of raising the legs during landing.

Skydiving in Agadir

Formative parachute jump: A group of experienced people jump with their faces and stomachs directed towards the ground, and try to build certain formations while flying in the air through the intertwining of hands or legs, and this type is one of the most types of parachute jumping that we see when talking about jumping in general, It is the first type of jump that a person learns after obtaining an approved skydiving license, as a person is more experienced in flying safely with other people and controlling the body while flying in the air.

Free parachute jump: It is also known as free flight, and it is in the form of acrobatic jumps that form a set of studied formations and patterns when a group of people jumps in all directions and in multiple axes, and vertical jump is one of the advanced forms of free jumping that combines formation with parachute jumping and free jumping, Skydiving is also considered one of the most difficult types of parachute jumping.

  • Pick up Location
  1. Agadir hotel pick-up
  2. Meet and Greet at your Taghazout Hotel
  3. Agadir Cruise Port pick up.

Winged suit jumping: It is one of the latest types of parachute jumping, and the person wears a suit of cloth specially designed to suit jumping in the air, and the person jumps horizontally, which means that he spends more time while jumping, in addition to the possibility of cutting large distances horizontally, as Through which it is possible to jump in more dangerous places than jumping in the air; Like jumping between mountain cracks, and between various stone arches.

Jumping using a special parachute: The person jumps and opens the parachute upon landing from the plane, which gives the maximum possible time to release the parachute and use it. People create formations and patterns while jumping by tying their feet around each other’s parachute lines.

ِAgadir Parachuting

Fixed-line jumping: It involves connecting all jumpers’ parachutes on a continuous fixed line in one level, to get all jumpers out of the same plane quickly and safely, and this type of parachute jumping is frequently used in military jumping.

Pictorial jump: It is using the camera while jumping, as the person flies with the camera installed on his helmet; In order to share jumping details with others on the ground, this type of jump is used in media releases, and to get jump shots to improve and improve jump performance.

  • Pick up
  1. 8:30 in the morning
  2. Do you have any questions? contact us via Whatsapp click here 

The general safety conditions are represented by a number of factors and principles that must be known and adopted to achieve paragliding successfully and without any problems. The most important safety conditions are the following:

Review the emergency procedures, make sure of all the equipment, know the four directions, try to approach the plane from behind, and prepare to solve the expected malfunctions while preparing to implement emergency procedures before performing the jumping operation.

Commitment to wearing an appropriate outfit free of holes and rips to prevent air from entering, in addition to choosing the type of outfit that matches the type of parachute jump to be tried, where the importance of the appropriate outfit lies in maintaining body temperature and protecting it from cold air at high altitudes, in addition to protecting the body from scratches And hits when landing on the ground.

Skydiving in Morocco

Commitment to wearing an appropriate head helmet, as it reduces potential head trauma and severity during landing, and must be open-faced, durable, and strong enough to absorb shocks, with attention when selected to its size and appropriateness to the head. Wearing jump goggles to increase protection and general safety, and to ensure that a person is able to handle the equipment while wearing it, as he can dispense with them if he is not able to use his equipment when wearing it.

Wear sturdy shoes with appropriate standards to protect the feet from the effects of landing on the ground. Listen to the pilot’s instructions before exiting the plane, and prepare to jump while making sure of the equipment and the way of passing through, and open the door when the red color appears while avoiding jumping completely, as it is allowed to exit the plane safely only when the green color appears.

Air sports in Agadir

The equipment needed to perform the paragliding sport varies, but with its differences, none of them can be dispensed with, and the most important of these equipment are the following:

Head helmet: There are two types of head helmet used in parachute jumping, namely: the hard helmet and the soft helmet, and the choice between them is made in proportion to the player, as the hard helmet is more durable than the soft helmet and more expensive, and the helmet in general comes in multiple shapes and types, one of which is open The face needs protective glasses, including the closed face does not need protective glasses, and the main function of the helmet is to protect the person from the expected shocks during landing on the ground.

Parachute: It is the most important parachute jumping equipment, and it comes in different shapes and sizes, but it includes unified parts of all types. Professionally before jumping.
Altimeter: It is used to determine the height of a person, to know the appropriate time to launch and release the parachute, and it can be worn as a watch on the hand to easily read the numbers. Automatic activating device: It is used as an alternative to the altimeter, as it releases the backup parachute when one cannot open the main parachute or when something malfunctions while it is being released.

Amongst the most stunning flying places in Morocco is waiting for you with the deceleration group. Nestling between the highest Mountain in the northwest and the high Range in the west, Taroudant’s airport is surrounded by mountains. Agadir, a village on the coast of the Atlantic Coast, is 45 minutes away by vehicle from the airport and so your teachers have a Royal License and are members of the Franco Skydiving League, therefore they are highly qualified. Hot Air balloon in Marrakech is also one of the best activities to make and to book in Morocco.

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