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Atlas Mountains and Wintimdouine Trip From Agadir


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Atlas Mountains and Wintimdouine Trip From Agadir

Agadir Atlas Mountains and Wintimdouine Trip

In more ways than one, the WinTimdouine basin is a unique location! It is fed by water that originates from a network of subterranean lakes some twenty kilometers distant, and is located in the Atlas at a height of 1,600 meters. The vista from this exceptional vantage point, as well as the tranquility of the location, are well worth the journey.

The WinTimdouine site is accessible by the historic Agadir-Marrakech route, which still exists beside the motorway that currently connects the seaside city to the Ocher City… A huge road sign to the right of the road going up, above the settlement of Amskroud, indicates the direction.

It turns out that the road has been adequately paved. It weaves its way through gorges, undulating valleys, and precipices, with numerous bends across an 8-kilometer stretch. The beauty and variety of the surroundings, on the other hand, rapidly help you forget about this minor annoyance. Drive with caution! We will Park the car in a tiny parking lot approximately a kilometer away from the basin. You may walk to the basin by following the trail carved into the rock, which is in essence off-limits to cars. This 15-minute stroll allows you to appreciate the beauty of the area at the speed of man.

An unrivaled perspective of the Atlas

WinTimdouine” translates to “the cave of the lakes” in Berber. The water that emerges from it runs via a tiny channel into a quadrilateral that man has set out in the open. Even in July, when the sun beams on the Atlas‘ south face, the temperature does not surpass 25 to 30 degrees Celsius due to the altitude. As soon as the plain turns into a furnace, small smart individuals adore this unique swimming pool. As well as the basin has been washed of all pollutants, you can swim there comfortably. Two and a half meters is the maximum depth.

There are no tourist throngs.

This wonderful location, which is not included in tourist guides, is not yet well-known enough to be overrun by people. It has a good probability of remaining uncrowded for a while. So make the most of the opportunities that come your way. M’Bark, the regular, is impossible to miss, always ready to give you tea, which he warms over the fire.

The Activity’s Highlights

Enjoy a real Atlas Mountains trip from Agadir
Discover the berber village of wintimdouine
benefit a free pick up and drop off shuttle in Agadir

The cost of the Tour

80 Euro / Person

The excursion is available in


When is it going to be available?

Available Daily

What Is Involved in the Cost?

Hotel pick-up and drop off in Agadir
Air-Conditioned Transportation
All taxes and fees are included in the price.

Time to be picked up from your hotel ​​

Morning 08:00 a.m.

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