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​Essaouira day trip from Taghazout

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Essaouira Day Trip From Taghazout

Become more acquainted with the exceptional history of, Essaouira Day Trip From Taghazout,  so visit the Medina of Essaouira offers beguiling vivid scenes from The Moroccan – Portuguese style and then to the Grand Mosque, patios, bistros, and the souk, so his old Portuguese city was recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Morocco in 2001. Our visit will begin by driving for two or three hours through the map book mountain, with hardly any stops en route.

The coastal city of Essaouira, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, is considered one of the most beautiful and important coastal cities that gather all the beauties of nature in the Kingdom of Morocco. It is a city with distinguished architecture and a long history; It is a tourist city par excellence, attracting the attention of foreign tourists before the Moroccans, and geographically located in the western side of the Kingdom of Morocco, with a population of 69,493 people, according to statistics in 2004.

  • What’s Included
  1. Free Hotel Pick up Service
  2. Free Hotel Drop off Service
  3. Air-Conditioned Transportation
  4. Local Guide
  5. All Taxes and Fees included

In the past, Essaouira was called Tamuzika, then Mogador, and finally it was called Essaouira, which means painting or picture since, in the view of the philosopher Bernard, it was derived from the word “sur” in the Phoenician language meaning a wall, a tower or a rock.

  • What’s Not Included
  1. Food and Drinks
  2.  Do you have any questions? contact us via Whatsapp click here 

Because the first stop, you gonna see some “flying goats” climbing the Argan trees searching for the crisp nuts, secondly stop to unwind and have a recess in a Berber town then the conclusion stop to visit the Argan Oil manufacturing plant.

  • Features of the Excursion
  1. Old Portuguese City
  2. Essaouira Harbor
  3. Argan Oil Factory Stop
  4. Goats on The Trees
  5. Sunset Stop at The Wild Beach
  6. Free Time in Essaouira

Essaouira day trip from Taghazout history goes back to BC to the time of the Phoenicians, when they made it a berth for them when they were traveling to Ecuador by sea, and the King of Morptania Yuba II set up a factory for the manufacture of dyes extracted from oysters, and he exported them to the Romans, then settled there by the Portuguese and the Saadian Sultans, and in 1760 It was reconstructed as it is at the present time by the Alawi Sultan Sidi Muhammad III bin Abdullah, as it dates back to the Carthaginians and the Romans three or four centuries ago, since the end of the second century BC, as evidenced by the monuments that were found

  • Hotel Return
  1. Around 19H00

Essaouira Day Tour From Taghazout

When we land in Essaouira, you will have your spare time to visit the souk which is situated inside the Essaouira Medina. What’s more, make a voyage through the bulwarks of the Kasbah and Scala, where you will investigate the defenses of the Scala, the port of Essaouira, the city showcase, the local goldsmiths, and the art complex.

  • Pick up Location
  1. Reception of your Hotel in Taghazout
  2. ​Or Agadir Cruise Port Or Agadir, Tamraght, Paradis Plage, Aourir…
  3. Is also possible to book Essaouira trip from Agadir

After your leisure time to appreciate the city and its lovely bright seashores, come back to the street for your excursion back to Taghazout with hardly any Stops en route once more, to rest and watch the nightfall on a wild seashore.

  • Pick up Time
  1. ​8H45 in The Morning
  2. (Accessible: Every Mondays – Wednesdays – Fridays)

Taghazout Day Trip to Essaouira is a sharing group trip, if you wish to book a private tour please contact us via Email or via the What’s app

  •   Essaouira’s economy depends on the following:
  1. The trade sector: the most famous of these is the goat skins trade, which witnessed a huge turnout. 
  2. Transportation sector: It has three transportation networks: a small taxi network, a large taxi network, and a bus network. 
  3. The fishing sector: It is considered one of the oldest sectors; The abundance of fish wealth is a factor that attracts marine fishing companies, and provides job opportunities for fishermen, as it is famous for being the best marine fisheries produced.
  4. Tourism sector: There are many tourist, historical and religious attractions in the city, the most important of which are:
  5. The majestic city gates, are Bab Doukkala, Bab Marrakesh, and Bab Sebaa.
  6. The ancient city with its geometric and urban forms.
  7. The sea is attached to the city.
  8. The Jewish Quarter (Al-Mallah), was built in 16 AD, by order of Sultan Saadi Ahmed Al-Mansour Al-Dhahabi.
  9. Mogador Island; It is a small island that is considered one of the very important Phoenician sites, located in the west of the Mediterranean Sea.
  10. Moulay El Hassan Square is one of the most famous areas; For its attractive location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, close to the port, and the beach.
  • Famous people in Essaouira
  1. Literary, artistic, and cultural personalities: such as the writer and theatrical artist Al-Tayeb Al-Siddiqi, the Moroccan historian Haim Al-Zafarani, the musician Abd al-Rahim al-Suwayri and Abd al-Rahman Qayroush, and the actor, writer, and director Said Naciri.
  2. Political figures: Mohamed Farhat is one of the founding members of the Party of Progress and Socialism, Mohamed Habib Fassi Fihri, a Moroccan diplomat, and Miloud Chaabi.
  3. Sports personalities: football coach Abdel-Khaleq El-Wazzani, international basketball player Mohamed Obeid, marine athletes Sofiane Hamini and Boudjemaa Ghaylon.
  4.  Reasons for founding the city of Essaouira 
  5. Political reasons: Sultan Muhammad bin Abdullah made it a military base, land, and sea, to protect the tempting beaches; This is because of his inclinations to jihad at sea.
  6. Natural reasons: the most important of which is the validity of the port of Essaouira during the navigational year, excluding other ports.
  7. Economic reasons: By founding the city of Essaouira, the Sultan wanted to make it a royal port, a commercial center, and a warehouse for goods exported to Europe and America.
  •  Facts resulting from the construction of the city of Essaouira
  1. The expansion of urbanization in the region is a result of the transfer of a number of residents of other cities to it.
  2. The city became a major center for the consuls of European countries.
  3. Essaouira became a free and major port for the exports and imports of the central region.
  4. revitalization of the scientific movement; As a result of the transfer of Fez scholars to it and stability there.

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    Booked the tour online , pick up was on time , all was good

  2. Manuel

    The tour was amazing , the group was only 10 person , we heard the guide very well , the city tour of Essaouira was as expected .

  3. Pablo

    my partner i experienced a great tour to Essaouira from Agadir city ,Many thanks to our guide Mohamed for the amazing moments .

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