Agadir Desert Trip

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Agadir Desert Trip

Take a 1/2 tour to Agadir desert trip and huge dunes in the Desert, located about an hour ahead of Agadir along the North Atlantic. On the Agadir desert trip you will see and explore & also joy a real Sahara with big dunes. you will go on a mini Van on this trip (if you wish to go on a 4×4 please mention that in your reservation), no need to go on a 4×4 because we will bring you to stop in the sand dunes, there you can walk and explore the golden sand desert with yourself, you can touch it, jump on it, sleep and run. (no extra charge if you asked for a 4×4) .

  • Features of the Excursion
  1. Enjoy Sand Dunes in Agadir
  2. Drink Moroccan Mint Tea
  3. Eat Lunch Lunch
  4. Panoramic views

After a period of driving down the East coast Coral reefs Sea, crossing through numerous towns along the route, along with the boarders’ locations (Aourir and Tamraght) and indeed the banana town, we’ll stop for a great brunch in a resident’s home.

  • Note
  1. This Trip requires 2 people or more in order to take place, the single traveler will have to check for availability before making a reservation.
  2. Do you have any questions? contact us via Whatsapp click here 

Physiotherapy is becoming increasingly popular in a sand bath, in the town of Agadir Desert Trips, among those seeking treatment for rheumatic and joint diseases. A number of Moroccans and foreigners come to it for this purpose throughout the summer months, and it has become a famous destination not only at the national level but also at the global level.

  • Whoever wants to fill it with Bath sand, take the following steps
  • Consult a doctor before taking it
  • Choosing the appropriate time for backfilling after three in the afternoon is more appropriate
  • Do not exceed a quarter of an hour on the first day of backfilling
  • Backfilling should be limited to the lower half of the body, not the entire body
  • Wrap around a blanket when getting out of the sand to protect your body from currents
  • Drink enough water, preferably moderate (not water from the refrigerator or the like).
  • Protect the head from the sun’s rays during the backfilling period
  • Relaxing for a long time is not easy to get rid of sweat
  • Finally, take a warm bath to get rid of sand impurities

Agadir Desert Tours station, located in the province of Agadir, is considered, according to the classification of the American “National Geographic” magazine in the August-September issue, the fifth-best global destination for medical tourism; Its hot sand, whose temperature may exceed 40 degrees Celsius, gives a feeling of relief to people who suffer from joint pain and rheumatism.

  • What’s Included in the Price
  1. Free Hotel Pick-up from Agadir
  2. Free Hotel Drop-off from Agadir
  3. Air-molded Transportation
  4. Mint Tea and Snacks
  5. Delicious Moroccan Tajine
  6. Mini Van Car
  7. Seasonal Fruits
  8. All Taxes and Fees included

Bright golden sands, undulating in an artistic way created by the Creator and arranged in a way that neither the greatest artist nor the greatest creator can arrange them in this way, and that is only from the great power of God Almighty, in its ripple flow, and in its gloss of reassurance, and in its silence peace, impeccable, Its calmness is not disturbed by the signs of the feet it walks on, as it maintains its luster and brilliance in all circumstances and conditions.

How many horses this sand carried running into battles, and how many poems I heard improvised by the greatest poets of the pre-Islamic era on its sands, inspired by its warmth a lot of love, nostalgia, and longing for the beloved, her voice, and her home. As if at every step of their footing on its soil, grains of sand would seep out little by little in their veins, radiating all this love and warmth.

Desert Trip in Agadir

Even the Agadir Sahara desert trip plant that grows in this dry environment fits all the proportions in its specifications with it, and one of the most famous plants is the cactus. He says to every human being: You have to be giving even when you are in the most difficult and difficult circumstances, be a safe haven to forget your pain and worries.

These plants and those sands fill the desert with deep values ​​that every discerning cleverness of God’s creatures and his great creativity in what he created must comprehend. In the coming days, let us refrain from portraying it in a negative way that harms it and reduces its importance and importance in life.

  • Pick up Area
  1. ​Your Hotel in Agadir
  2. ​Or Agadir Cruise Port Or Taghazout, Tamraght, Paradis Plage, Aourir.
  3. The is another version of this tour if you stay in Taghazout called Taghazout desert tour 

The stars shine in the sky of the desert The stars in all their states and in all their conditions and everywhere they are seen give a glimmer of hope and a glimmer of warmth, despite their small size and the remoteness of their place.

The night stars in the desert sky, shining in a bright golden color in the darkness of the night, reflected on the desert with a hidden sparkle that is insensible to the sensitive, tender-hearted, tender-hearted, and in every flash of a star: a whisper of love, a shiver of longing, and perhaps a tear of the absent, And a burning heart yearning for his family and loved ones, in which there are love letters, farewell letters, and longing messages, carried by the people looking at them.

  • Excursion Duration
  1. Half-Day Trip

The magic of the stars in the desert sky is never less than the magic of the fresh spring roses in a flowering orchard decorated with the most beautiful colors of spring. With great clarity, and with its brightness, it illuminates the darkness of extinguished hearts of tiredness, illusion, and sadness, and it illuminates the path of those who have strayed from rightness and guidance.

  • Pick up Time
  1. ​2 O’clock toward The evening
  2. (This Excursion is Available Everyday – Available Tomorrow toward the evening) ​

You see the night in the Agadir desert still quiet, as if he is watching people silently, letting them broadcast what is inside them, and what the day has filled their hearts and minds with of troubles and hardships while he is still. It is nothing but the shining of the stars in the sky, which makes the silence of the night in the desert more sensual and emotional.

  • Cost in Moroccan Currency
  1. 500 MAD/ADULT (11<->99) (50€)

Desert, night and stars. Once you collect these words, a person feels comfortable, so how if he lives them in reality, how if he touches this feeling, in reality, horizons of thinking will open for him, he will forget his worries and his pain will fade away, all the worries of life that occupy his mind will dissipate, because in the desert and the sky from The horizon is far away, and what is in the stars is a unique light, so one feels that he is in a built palace, sparkling with bright yellow lights.

  • What’s Not Included in the Price
  1. Soda Drinks and Mineral Water( 1 €/Bottle )
  2. 4×4 *only if the customer ask to go on 4×4*
  3. Sandboarding (20 € / Person)

It is unfair for people to think that a desert is a barren place in which there is no life or water, that it is the cause of heat, thirst, hunger, and loss, and that it is the origin of snakes and predatory animals. Singing, and as the beauty of autumn is the land with golden leaves, only people have to see this beauty and live it to hold on to it.

  • Return Time
  1. Around 19H00

As soon as a person relates to the beauty of the desert, he wishes to repeat this matter, as a person often needs solitude, calm, and reassurance, and all of this is found in the desert and its sand, and in the night and stars of the desert, in the sunset and warmth of the desert. Rather, it is beauty distributed in every place, and on every spot created by God Almighty, and all people have to do is seek beauty and understand it.

Then proceed to Sahara (Big Dunes) forward to brunch, at which large dunes connect the East Coast. Your journey to the accommodation will be at roughly 7 p.m. Agadir Desert trip is daily available.

Got questions about our tours? Shoot us a message here on WhatsApp! We’re here to help make your adventure unforgettable.

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    An amazing desert trip from Agadir , highly recommended

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    the trip was very well organised , our guide Hassan did an amazing job , we enjoyed a lot

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    Amazing trip to the sand dunes desert in Agadir , excellent tour guide , we had very nice time.

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