Agadir Horse Ride


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Agadir Horse Ride

Agadir Horse Ride is the best and most bookable activity in Agadir Morocco, with Horse Ride in Agadir you will have a real Horse trek experience with hotel pick up and drop off together included, this trip will take you to explore the Souss river and Eucalyptus forest, your tour guide will choose the best and the most gentle Horse for you.

The Horse or camel occupies a special place in the history and heritage of the Arabs, a position that dates back thousands of years. Water and scorching sun, until it was known in history as the “ship of the desert”, in addition to its ability to live in mountainous areas where the weather is cold.

The relationship of the Horse with mangoes back nearly 1800 years, as it is one of the oldest animals that man has domesticated, and he was able to harness it to serve him in carrying weights and transporting them from place to place, and as a means of transportation. carry this load.

  • What’s Included
  1. Air-Conditioned Transportation
  2. All Taxes and Fees included
  3. 1-hour horse ride
  4. very friendly horse 
  5. Photos and videos

On the top of a Horse Safari in Agadir, have a unique trip through Agadir‘s Souss river and eucalyptus woodland, and feel the soft swing of these lovely creatures as you travel down the Souss river and take a glance at the royal castle, escorted by an expert guide.

God also endowed him with a unique characteristic that is not available to other animals, which is his ability to withstand thirst, and while some explain this feature that Horses are among the animals that store the food they eat and return to ruminating when they feel hungry, and chewing it again, which explains their ability to withstand hunger, and thirst too.

On the other hand, some deny this theory, citing the secret of the Horse‘s ability to withstand thirst that it does not sweat, and therefore does not secrete much water, according to this theory, because its body temperature ranges between 41 and 46 degrees, while the temperature of the human body is 37 degrees,

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In order for the body to sweat, it needs an atmosphere whose temperature is higher than this degree, and therefore the Horse needs high temperatures to sweat. Another theory in this regard, published by Al-Arabi magazine, its owners believe that the camel drinks a large amount of water when it feels thirsty, up to 180 liters. Urea (urea) is excreted within what is excreted from the urine, but it is reconstructed again to turn into proteins by the action of special bacteria present in the stomach of the Horse.

When we return to the roots of the relationship between Horses and humans, we find that the origin of the camel family was in North America and not in Asia, contrary to popular belief, and that was about 40 million years ago, according to the Encyclopedia of “Al Mawroura” issued by the National Archives, which is considered the largest encyclopedia Arab Horses, and Horses spread to South America at the end of the Pleistocene era, about a million years ago, as well as to Asia through a land isthmus that connected North America to Asia in prehistoric times.

  • Starting Times
  1. 10h00 Or 14h00 Or 16h00
  2. (This Activity is Available Everyday)

On the other hand, the human transition from hunting to farming and grazing, 800-600 BC, required the domestication of some animals to benefit from them, and this was in three regions Southeast Asia, South America, and the third region are Iran, Arab countries and the Near East regions, Where domesticated cows, sheep, goats, camels and animals of the equine family.

The excavators found an inscription of a Horse riding on its back in the ruins of Tell Halaf in Iraq, and another found in the ancient city of Byblos in Lebanon. And its milk and its wells.

  • Return time
  1. Following 2 Hours of the Starting time

The number of Horses in the world ranges between 16.5 and 18 million heads of single-humped Horses (Arabian camels), and this breed of Horses is distributed in India, the Arab region, and North Africa, where Arab countries own two-thirds of their global population, mostly in Somalia, Sudan, and Mauritania, but their numbers are decreasing, especially In Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Algeria, and Libya, because it was not used, at last, as a means of transportation, and most of its breeders migrated to the world.

  • The activity Features
  1. Horse riding
  2. Galloping on the beach

Horses are distinguished by certain characteristics that everyone who deals with them knows, as they tend to live among herds of the same species, and if some of them are separated from the herd, their first concern is to return to it again, and when the Arab knew this fact, he deliberately restricted the large camels in a specific place to make The whole herd grazes near it, so no one is deviating from it.

Horse Ride in Agadir

You’ll begin your adventure experience after arriving at the tour’s starting point, a stretch of beautiful Agadir area known as ‘Souss River.’ You’ll appreciate the peace and beauty of this particular place while also experiencing the excitement of riding a Horse in Agadir if you follow a guided path.

Horses have been used throughout the ages as means of transport and vehicles for women. The royal family in ancient Egypt used the “howdage” for its transportation, and the queen was carried in a howdah without a calf, carried by her servants and followers on their shoulders. As for the howdah in the Arabian Peninsula, it has been known since the pre-Islamic era, and it was one of the most important boats for women.

  • Pick up information
  1. ​ Reception of your Hotel in Agadir (5 euro pick up fee per person)
  2. ​Or Agadir Cruise Port (Taghazout*, Tamraght*, Paradis Plage*, Aourir*)
    *10 euro per person pick up fee from Agadir Comercial port*

It was made of sticks and tree branches and carried on Horses . It was decorated and furnished according to the position of the woman riding in it.

There is also the “Hawiyah”, which is a composite of women’s boats, which is a garment that is wrapped around the hump of the Horse and then rides, and the “Hawiyah” is only for Horses , unlike the “Sawiya” that may be for other animals.

Horses were known as the “ship of the forest” because they endured the difficult nature of the forest, and God granted them advantages that helped them do so, the most important of which are: the thick skin that covers its body and is covered with thick, short hair (lint), which is characterized by poor conduction of heat.

  • How Long is the Ride
  1. ​2 Hours Activity

The Horse also has a “slipper”, meaning the Horse’s foot, which is like a wide glove of soft meat that softens the sand, which helps it to walk in the desert, in addition to its ability to withstand thirst for a period of 6 to 10 days, and may reach under certain circumstances more than of a month.

Horses are mentioned in the Noble Qur’an, in verses calling the believers to reflect on the power of God, in more than one surah, among them: “Al Imran”, “An-Nisa’”, “Al-Ma’idah”, “Al-An’am”, “Al-A’raf”, “Hud” and “Yusuf” “Al-Nahl”, “The Night Journey”, “Hajj”, and others.

The Horse was also the miracle of the Prophet Saleh, peace be upon him, to his family, where he told them that the Horse has a share of water on a day, so they do not drink from it, and they have a share of it on the next day, so the Horse does not drink in it, so they slaughtered the camel, breaking their promise to Saleh, peace be upon him. They did not do remorse, and God destroyed them so that their story would be an example and an indication of God’s power.

  • Not included
  1. Free Hotel Pick up Service
  2. Free Hotel Drop off Service
  3. Free port pick up

A Horse can nibble on thorny plants with its slit lip, and thus Horse can be raised on these thorny plants, and then benefit from their meat.

Horses also help to graze without overgrazing, since they graze without focusing on one specific area, and they nibble weeds, and thus it is possible to preserve the pastures from deterioration as a result of overgrazing, and camel grazing

The Horse trip in Agadir is daily available, please don’t hesitate to contact us via what’s app, anytime

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