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Things to do in Agadir


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Things to do in Agadir

What to see in Agadir

Agadir, in the southwest of Morocco, is a city where life is good Things to do in Agadir. From its corniche by the sea to the alleys of the souks, let’s explore a city that is unlike any other in Morocco. The kasbah was built in 1540 by King Mohammed Each Cheikh to protect the city and its port from foreign invasions. Until 1960, the date of the violent earthquake, the Kasbah was the heart of the city. Today, only part of the ramparts and a large wooden gate remain. you can choose from our Things to do in Agadir list below.

Agadir city tour

Toward the beginning of the Best 10 Agadir City Tour ever, we will drive along the Agadir sea shoreline promenade before landing at the contemporary Agadir Marina seashore, which is fixed with boutiques, eateries. At that point drive nearby the world’s greatest Sardine harbour.

Agadir Desert Trip

After a period of driving down the East coast Coral reefs Sea, crossing through numerous towns along the route, along with the boarders’ locations (Aourir and Tamraght) and indeed the banana town, we’ll stop for a great brunch in a resident’s home. Then proceed to Sahara (Big Dunes) forward to brunch, at which large dunes connect the East Coast. Your journey to the accommodation will be at roughly 7 p.m. Agadir Desert trip is daily available. desert tours  are the best things to do .

Camel Ride

You’ll begin your Camel Ride in Agadir experience after arriving at the tour’s starting point, a stretch of beautiful Agadir area known as ‘Souss River.’ You’ll appreciate the peace and beauty of this particular place while also experiencing the excitement of riding a camel in Agadir if you follow a guided path.

Quad Biking 

After a concise presentation on the rough terrain of Agadir Quad biking methods, and a reasonable exhortation session and giving over glasses and head protectors, you will be preparing to hop on your quad and start your experience. We start by driving over the Berber towns and farmlands, just as passing through argan and fig timberland. You may even get an opportunity to meet itinerants while passing through the radiant sandhills.

Jet Ski

One of the best 10 things to do in Agadir and top 5 water activities, hire jet ski in Agadir is offering an amazing and unforgettable moment while driving one of our fast and strong Jet Ski Motors. For those who love Motorsports and speed is serving with a ride on a jet ski in the Atlantic sea because we call that a  jet which you can find on our coast. So there are 2 models of jet skis on the beach, the jet is reservable for those who practise arms and already master this type of gear.

As a beginner, you may otherwise move your ride to make you drag the machine and thus discourage you. You can book your Agadir water sports as a daily available activity in Agadir and is only possible the jet ski in Agadir via this page or via our what’s app number provided. Jet ski in Taghazout is also daily available.

Cooking Class

Learn out something about the marvels of Morocco’s giving accurate upon the outstanding Journey, where you can still learn what to do to prepare a part of Berber cuisine’s signature dishes, such as Moroccan drink, Moorish Omelet, and Berber Dish because of this cooking class in Agadir you will discover and learn how to cook delicious food.

Essaouira day trip 

Become more acquainted with the exceptional history of, Essaouira Day Trip From Agadir, culture and legacy of Essaouira day trip from Marrakech so visit the Medina of Essaouira offers beguiling vivid scenes from The Moroccan – Portuguese style and then to the Grand Mosque, patios, bistros, and the souk, so his old Portuguese city was recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Morocco in 2001.

Marrakech Day trip 

Leave Agadir from your Hotel at 7:00 am, in the first part of the day taking the Quick way of Agadir to Marrakech. Following an aggregate of 3 hours drive with some lay stops in transit while crossing the High Atlas mountains, you will land in Marrakech.

Paradise valley Day trip 

Agadir to Paradise valley Trip from Agadir begins at 8h30, driving towards the Immouzer and Paradise Valley street (Honey street), north of (Agadir to Paradise Valley), where the water streams constantly and the green is changeless.Take an undertaking through Paradise Valley, and advance from the city to the wide open to see the modest streams, mountain crevasses, and streaming cascades in the pleasant towns. Don’t hesitate to book those best 10 Things to do in Agadir.

The excursion is available in

English \French​​​​​​ \Arabic/German

Availability : 

Daily availability


– Don’t neglect to take your bathing suits in the event that you are wanting to hop into the water.

– Shoes are exceptionally suggested for this excursion (Sandals are not the best choice).

– Paradise Valley with lunch Meal is Available too, Please get in touch with us by means of WhatsApp For More Details about it.


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