Meteorite Museum Trip From Agadir


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Meteorite Museum Trip From Agadir

Agadir Meteorite Museum

The University Museum of Meteorites of Agadir established on 1 january 2016 and is the only one of its kind on the African continent. It houses a dozen meteorites and is located within the new Ibn Zohr university complex, on the verge of the N1 highway that traverses the municipality of Souss to the east. A significant geological legacy, 40 minutes from our riad, is emphasized through documentaries that help to promote knowledge. Morocco is one among the countries in the world with the greatest number of these celestial jewels.

Moroccan meteorites are a speciality.

The museum, which is also home to a meteorite research center, houses a collection of about 100 meteorites as well as around ten tektites, percussion cones (shatter-cones), and impact breccias. The significance of these alien objects in our planet’s and humanity’s history documents and thorough explanations are used to demonstrate their difficulties and queries in scientific study.

Learn more about these alien rocks from collectors, prospectors, students, teacher-researchers, and the general public. Professor Abderahmane Ibhi, a famous meteorite expert, is the Museum’s heart and soul.

Craters left by collisions

Visitors may also learn about the effects of these meteorite impacts, particularly the Moroccan impact craters. Samples of the Imilchil-Agoudal meteorite, for example, are on exhibit. With a diameter of 120 meters and a speed of 100,000 kilometers per hour, this cosmic object broke 40,000 years ago, leaving behind huge impact craters. These are the very first ones Researchers from Ibn Zohr University in Morocco found astroblems. In the High Atlas, these craters formed the lakes Tislit and Isli.

Evenings with selenite

Museum administrators give anybody having a meteorite piece the opportunity to show it at the museum in order to add specimens to the Ibn Zohr collection. Either under a fictitious name or the genuine owner’s name. Selenite nights are also held at the museum on a regular basis. The goal is to use astronomy tools to observe the sky of Agadir.

Collaboration is key.

The Ibn Zohr School, the Primary Care for Scientific and Technical Exploration, the Ibn Zohr Astrology Club, and the Museum of Metallogeny and Meteorite Petrology collaborated to create the Agadir Meteorites Museum. The Ibn Zohr Astronomy Club, led by Professor Abderahmane Ibhi, is in charge of it.

Morocco is an ideal location for meteorite falls.

Meteorite collisions with Moroccan soil are common. The most well-known is Tissint’s intervention in southern Morocco in the summer of 2011. The origin of this meteorite has been determined to be Mars. Tighert, a meteorite from the asteroid Vesta, was inducted into the pantheon of Moroccan meteorites in 2014.Residents of distant locations like as Tata, Erfoud, Zagora, Es-Smara, and Zag rely heavily on meteorites as a source of income. It’s a windfall of fortune, a lucrative enterprise. However, be wary of forgers and fraudsters!
Every day from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., open to the public as well as educational and scientific organizations (we recommend using the Boulevard du 11-Janvier to avoid missing this difficult-to-find location). Monday, Friday, and Sunday mornings are all available. On public holidays, the store is closed.

What’s included 
Hotel pick up and drop off
Entrance fee to the museum

20 € per person (based on 7 people)

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Round trip

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