Dinosaur Footprints Trip From Agadir


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Dinosaur Footprints Trip From Agadir

On Anza beach is the Dinosaur Footprints Trip From Agadir, a region in the north of Agadir, a 30 minutes drive from Agadir, on the route to Essaouira, spectacular and uncommon dinosaur footprints were uncovered. They were discovered in 2013 and, in the case of the latest one, in 2015. They can be found for around 300 m on cliffs that are flush only with the ground. The structure is Morocco’s most remarkable of its sort.

Visit during low tide, especially during February and August, when the sand hasn’t covered the footprints! They were thought to be traces left by storks, according to common belief… The truth was revealed in 2013, when a particularly high surge slammed the Atlantic shore, resulting in the release of over 200 footprints in great quantities and in perfect condition.

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They were soon identified by Moroccan and international teams of experts as remnants of robust dinosaurs who left three-toed footprints, that is, footprints made up of three eyes looking forward. Theropods and pterosaurs are now the most common carnivorous theropods and pterosaurs amongst the giants.

Among the most terrifying dinosaurs

Theropod dinosaurs are among the most terrifying. Tyrannosaurs and allosaurs are two of them. They existed for 230 million years until they died out 66 million years ago. Pterosaurs were animals that could fly. Researchers estimate the dinosaurs whose footprints have been discovered lived 85 million years ago in Anza, even during Upper Cretaceous Period, namely the Santonian Period.

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Teacher-researcher affiliated with the Agadir Faculty of Sciences’ Laboratory of Applied Geology. This is the only rocky location in Morocco having footprints from this geological age, according to Moussa Masrour. It is one of the few in Africa, if not the entire globe. The existence of a wide variety of animal footprints over a relatively limited area contributes to the Anza Geopark’s popularity.

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It really is the Kingdom’s longest dinosaur path site. Dinosaurs left their footprints on at least six levels of gradually sloping calcareous sandstone strata. As a result, we may see a few options. Corroboration, including a highly identifiable giant tortoise fossil, were discovered by a team of American experts in 2015.

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