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Ladies, want a hen parties, want to let off steam and try a new adventure, thrills and want to really have your head in the clouds!

Dreaming of being in command of an aircraft, but you think it is for experienced pilots, too complicated. You want to discover the pilot to one of your family, born to a vocation, make an original gift.

Passionate Women or aviation flight simulation! We suggest you begin the adventure at Casablanca Airplane, put yourself in control, enter the world of airline pilots and put yourself at the controls of a Boeing 737 simulator professional .. Placed on hydraulic and electric actuators , simulators make you feel every detail of your flight, as if you were there.

It is mainly in the dreams that we can escape from our everyday life and we all dreamed of driving a plane, or in pajamas holding superhero. Flying is a magical feeling!

Therefore ladies today Ecolodge Adventures in partnership with Casablanca Airplane offers a unique experience of its kind with:

Simulation session in actual flight conditions on Boeing 737 at Casablanca Airplane

Participate in a real conditions simulation session on Boeing 737 flight simulator used for professional training of airline pilots. The professional and friendly staff will show you the secrets of the cockpit (cockpit a real way), and invites you to experience a flight simulator session that adapt completely to your personal evolution during the course.

You enter the cockpit flight simulator where for 20 to 50 minutes (depending on the offer selected) you live a real flight situation. The simulators are certified to the highest security measures available. Everything is set up for your experience to be successful comfortably

Real laboratory for flight operations, the simulation is intended to prepare the forces present and future act quickly, safely and be able to last, a pilot must manage stress, fatigue and the conditions of natural environments and aeronautics. Strict procedures in a particular phase of flight and to check the information about precautions in case of difficulties.

The realism of the flight and order and the presence of the instructor quickly make you forget you are in a virtual universe.

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