Taroudant Horse Riding

taroudant horse riding


Gallop across beautiful sandy valley for 6 kilometers

Explore stunning mountain terrain

Enjoy spectacular views of Taroudant from up high

Discover the romance of the Moroccan coastal landscape


Saddle up for a memorable 2-hour horse ride around the stunning coastal city of Taroudant. Gallop around the scenic Souss Valley, then explore the stunning landscape and panoramas offered by the Moroccan city’s sandy Valley, river and mountains at sunset.


Complete your visit to beautiful Taroudant with an exhilarating horse ride along the Atlas Valley. Gallop around the scenic  Ranch and 6 kilometers of sun-drenched sandy beach, then follow ancient riverbank tracks into the mountains for breathtaking views of the region.Enjoy the tireless, dreamlike experience and subtropic climate well into the warm evening. After traversing the city’s spectacular surroundings, linger in the saddle to savor the sight of the reddening sky as the sun plunges beneath the horizon and into another world. Then return to the ranch to wind down with a comforting cup of mint tea.

What’s Included:

• Hotel transfer
• Horse
• Horse monitor
• Complimentary mint tea

What’s Not Included:

• Other beverages and personal expenses

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