Paradise Valley Trip from Agadir


Paradise Valley Trip from Agadir

A remarkable beauty, the Valley of Paradise , a nature still virgin and intact. Without souk, without traders, a small winding road through the mountains of the High Atlas, in the heart of the palm grove, the argan tree, cactus and thuyas, small Berber villages hung and hanging on the rock faces. the oed and the peaceful oasis rest in the heart of a small canyon. it is the smell the color and brightness of Morocco.


Nicknamed also the green valley .. the ideal for nature lovers and beautiful landscapes .. Departure at 09:00 or 14:30 on the road to Imouzzer north of Agadir (the honey road), it runs along the gorges of Oued Tamraght .. where the water runs all the time and the greenery is permanent .. (Argan, Carob, Olive, Almond, Cactus, Wild Rose Laurel, Thuja Wild Thyme, Wild Lavender …)

Paradise Valley Trip from Agadir

Paradise Valley Trip from Agadir

after the valley .. tea break at the inhabitant (at 1000 m altitude) (optional) .. (in front of a magnificent panorama) is very pleasant .. especially .. accompanied by the traditional bread, honey of thyme, oil d Argan and roasted almonds!

Paradise Valley Trip from Agadir

Paradise Valley Trip from Agadir

Hotel or Port Pick up and drop off are included 

After .. return to Agadir!

NB : it can be done on a morning or an afternoon!

Total mileage: 100 Km !

Optional Service?

to be paid on site by the client

The mint tea homestay costs = 2 € / person

Accompanied by: Hot Bread + Argan Oil + Honey Thyme + Amlou (Almond Paste)

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