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Agadir Boat Trip

Agadir Boat Trip

Agadir Boat Trip
Agadir Boat Trip is to cruise the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and soak up spectacular city and landscape views. A delicious lunch rounds out this amazing day in the sun.


Your day-long adventure begins with hotel pick-up, followed by a drive to Agadir’s harbor. Step aboard the comfortable Boat and after a safety …

Agadir Bike Rental

Ecolodge Adventures offers a qualified and skilled team for getaways around the city of Agadir.

We offer several packages so that everyone can flourish.
The “touristic trip” at the heart of Agadir through the must see places in the “trekking” dedicated to the most daring, choose the package that suits you, and share a good time with family or friends

– Agadir Bike …

Agadir Excursions and Tour Groups

Notice : We Also Organise Private Excursions and Tours running everyday .

This is only our Groups Excursions and Tours Options .

If you Would like To do Not share your trip with Others is also Possible , Please Contact us For That .




Agadir City Tour

Mondays & Thursdays

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Agadir Berber Night

Mondays & Wednesdays

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Agadir …

Agadir Tennis

Agadir Tennis

Beginner, Introduction, Development, Competition … Agadir Tennis Academy and Ecolodge Adventures offers a full range of courses tailored to your needs. There is something for everyone.

The programs are implemented according to the level of the players. Internships are Individual or two. 1 hour / day, 2 hours / day or 4 hours / day.

If …

The Imperial Cities Tour Itinerary

Cross the Strait of Gibraltar and explore Morocco’s incredible imperial cities of Marrakech, Fes, Meknes and Rabat on this 7-day tour from the Costa del Sol. Visit royal palaces, historic monuments and many more of the country’s amazing sights.


Take a week-long trip to explore the amazing Kingdom of Morocco, and its famous imperial cities

Explore …

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is problematic to describe as it is not so much a specific location as a journey through widely differing scenery and locations. Physically Paradise Valley occupies the valley of Tamrhakht within the western most High Atlas.

Most visitors to Paradise Valley travel onwards from the palm groves and gorges of the river Tamrhakht …

Agadir Nightlife

There might be a lot to do at night in Agadir, in Summer, but in Winter, this is not the case. Take a leisurely stroll along the seaside terrace, with sounds of the surf to one side, and sounds of laughter, friends, and enjoyment on the other (in Summer) Starting at Gasaa Square, follow your ears to sounds …

Agadir Weather

Agadir holds the promise of a sunny holiday on the sandy beach and is a great winter destination, with lovely warm days to ease the aches and pains of a working ‘life’ and ‘cool’ late evenings. Note that AGADIR at ‘night’ is a ‘cool’ place to be and warm clothing is advised. You can travel …

Agadir History

Agadir is a city with a population of nearly 700,000 people.  The city is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, and because of this location, it has an illustrious history that includes visitors from Europe.

Thousands of years ago, Agadir was a small fishing village.  Even today, fishing is still important to the …

Ait Ben Haddou Guest House

Ait Ben Haddou Guest House La Fibule d’Or in Ksar Ait Ben Haddou  Located 30 km from Ouarzazate Airport in Ait Ben Haddou, La Fibule D’or is a traditional Moroccan guest house. It offers the best roof-top terrace , with magnificent panoramic views of the Kasbah. The suite guest accommodations have views of the mountains, gardens and river.

Each room at La Fibule D’or has a private …

Marrakech Super Sightseeing Tour from Agadir

Dive deep into the medieval heart of Marrakech on this enchanting day tour.Drive to this magical red-walled city near the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas. See delightful Bahia Palace with its fragrant gardens.Wander the ancient winding alleyways of the Medina, where shops sell everything from brass to burnooses and ceramics to carpets.For an authentic …

Paradise Valley Tour

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Paradise Valley in Morocco on this nature tour. From the towering mountains to the picturesque waterfalls, this tour to the Paradise valley will give you a chance to experience untouched nature, in all its beauty.

Appreciate the craftsmanship of Berber people, at one of the souks in the village. You …

Agadir Jazda konna – Agadir Jazda wielbłąd

1 .Jazda konna ( w ofercie również wielbłądy ) 2 godziny 30 Euro
2 .Jazda konna ( w ofercie również wielbłądy ) 3 godziny 35 Euro
3 .Jazda konna przy zachodzie słońca ( w ofercie również wielbłądy ) 2 godziny 30 Euro
4 .Jazda konna ( w ofercie również wielbłądy ) 1 dzień 65 Euro
5 .Wycieczka połączona …

Agadir Marokański wieczór

Marokański wieczór
.50 Euro / osoba

W cenie :

● Transport w obie strony ( spod państwa hotelu ) .Wyjazd około godziny 18.00 .Powrót o godzinie 21.30 .
● Kolacja W namiotach beduińskich przy dźwiękach muzyki granej na żywo degustacja typowych Marokańskich potraw .
● Pokaz i uczestnictwo w tradycyjnych Marokańskich rozrywkach .

Szczegółowy program :
● Gnawa – …

Agadir – zwiedzanie miasta

Agadir – zwiedzanie miasta

Cena : 25 Euro / osoba
● Transport w obie strony spod hotelu , w którym państwo przebywacie
● 3 godziny zwiedzania AgadiruW planie wycieczki :
● port rybacki
● stary Kasbah
● lokalny souk / rynekRozpoczęcie : godzina 9.00Powrót : godzina 13.00
● Polecamy zabrać wygodne buty na płaskim obcasie .

Opis wycieczki

● Rozpoczynamy trasę wzdłuż nadmorskiej …

taroudant wycieczki


Główną atrakcją Taroudant są mury i baszty obronne , sięgające około 5 kilometrów . Złoto- brązowy kolor murów zmienia się
latem na ciemnoczerwony .

Wycieczka 1/2 dnia ( około 5 godzin ) .
Cena – 55 Euro / osoba
Rozpoczęcie o godzinie 8.00
Powrót 13.00

W cenie :
● Transport w obie strony.
● Lekkie przekąski w Jnane Soussia– restauracja z salonem …

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