Agadir excursions

Agadir Cooking Class
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Agadir Cooking Class, find out about the mysteries of Morocco's delightful food on this extraordinary Experience, where you will figure out how to cook a portion of the features of the Moroccan Cuisine, including Moroccan tea and Moroccan Omelet and Moroccan Tajine.
Agadir Camel Ride
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Agadir Camel Ride is a brilliant method to put in a few hours in Agadir. You will be gotten from your accommodation, and drive to the Ranch to appreciate the 2-hours Camel Ride in Agadir around the Ranch and along the Souss stream, where you will respect the amazing perspectives.
Agadir Quad Bike
Agadir Quad Bike
Agadir Quad Biking
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Agadir Quad Biking is to investigate the encompassing of wide open zones of Agadir in a fun and energizing manner utilizing a fun machine. you will encounter the rushes of riding a quad through Berber provincial territories and pre-Saharan landscape and finish this involvement in a delightful Berber-style breakfast.
Agadir Boat Trip
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Our journey is a decent spot to escape Agadir Tourist frequents and get a look at ordinary Moroccan life from the water where you will see anglers doing their day by day angling work.