Agadir 2 Hour Camel Riding


Agadir 2 Hour Camel Riding

Explore the beautiful sandy beach and trek into the mountains on an enjoyable 2 hour camel ride in Agadir. Follow ancient trails, and admire the spectacular scenery and stunning sunset before enjoying a relaxing mint tea at the ranch after the ride.

Agadir 2 Hour Camel Riding

Enjoy a 2 hour camel ride around the Amodou Ranch, along the 6 kilometre long sandy beach, and up the trails into the mountains, where you can admire the breathtaking views. In the evening you can linger in your saddle and watch the beautiful sunset.

Enjoy galloping along the sand and trekking into the mountains following ancient trails along river banks for a memorable and peaceful experience. You will be provided a few suggested routes for your ride, either on the beach or in the mountains, and given the appropriate camel for your level. After the ride you can enjoy mint tea back at the ranch.


Experience riding a camel in Agadir.

Ride over the beautiful beach and up into the mountains.

Enjoy a relaxing mint tea at the ranch at the end of the ride.