Agadir Promenade

Agadir Promenade

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Description :
This is a 9.72 km Run in Agadir, Morocco. The Run has a total ascent of 27.0 m and has a maximum elevation of 24.0 m

There are some lovely places to eat and you end up at the marina. It’s a lovely walk, a little windy on one occasion but popular with runners and walkers, couples and families just out and about enjoying the simpler things.

walking up the promenade each day testing yourself to see how far you could get, its a great place for a stroll. Hawkers are kept at a distance by the hotel security people, if they approach you and you’re not interested be firm and they’ll leave you alone.

The broad promenade runs the length of the beach with lots of cafes and restaurants at one end. Gets crowded in the evening. great place to watch the world go by.Connecting the majority of Agaidr hotels – a lovely 1/2hr plus walk from one end to the other. Lovely and peaceful early morning with a few crazy tourist joggers out, or later in the day catch the sunset.

While there are a few street traders and hawkers, not nearly as many as I would have expected, and once firmly told you are not interested, they quickly move on and leave you in peace.
A small selection of restaurants and cafes are mainly located at the northern end, from Cafe del Mar to McDonalds.

very romantic walk at night , very clean , restaurants are everywhere , they also set public toilettes up in the Cornish , beautiful palm trees, every 200 m stairs to the beach .

People-watching, bird-spotting, plant-finding – it’s about four miles of immaculate prom with loads of places to sit, no traffic and no pot-holes, lined with palm trees, cactus plants, flowers . . . Brilliant!

The town authorities have really done a good job at providing an excellent beach promenade where you can easily walk for hours and eat or drink at the good choice of restaurants and bars. Go on a Sunday or early evening to see all the Moroccan families out enjoying this as much as the tourists. There is a choice of watersports available and the beaches are kept very clean and are safe for children.

Attractions :

-Agadir Oufella View

-The Beach

-Palm Trees


Services :




-Pizza Huts

-Jet Sky



-Boat Trips


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